Safety, Security and
Satisfaction (SSS) of Pune Citizens.

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ImageMedical Exam for BMI-2015-16

Security tip of the day How can you prevent spyware from installing on your computer?

  • Don't click on links within pop-up windows - Because pop-up windows are often a product of spyware, clicking on the window may install spyware software on your computer. To close the pop-up window, click on the "X" icon in the titlebar instead of a "close" link within the window.
  • Choose "no" when asked unexpected questions - Be wary of unexpected dialog boxes asking whether you want to run a particular program or perform another type of task. Always select "no" or "cancel," or close the dialog box by clicking the "X" icon in the titlebar.
  • Be wary of free downloadable software - There are many sites that offer customized toolbars or other features that appeal to users. Don't download programs from sites you don't trust, and realize that you may be exposing your computer to spyware by downloading some of these programs.
  • Don't follow email links claiming to offer anti-spyware software - Like email viruses, the links may serve the opposite purpose and actually install the spyware it claims to be eliminating.

  • CP's Message

    Shri. Satish Mathur-Commissioner of Police,Pune
    Safety, Security, Satisfaction (Sss) of Pune Citizens
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