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1. Do not reveal personal information to unknown people or websites.
2. Create hard-to-guess passwords and keep them private & change them regularly.

3. Do not open emails from unknown sources. 

4. Use anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall and update them regularly. 

5. Update your operating system and web browser regularly. 

6. Back up your important file regularly. 

7. Do not leave your computer unattended. 

8. Never reveal your true identity in a chat room. 

9. Maintain regular back up of all names/email addresses in your contact list.


1. Keep your password / PIN codes  safe and memorize them. 

2. Check that the online banking website is secure. 

3. Logout immediately after you have completed your online transaction. 

4. Use an anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall and update them regularly. 

5. Do not copy or click on any links attached to emails. 

6. Do not respond to emails asking for your personal information. 

7. Read privacy and policy statements before any transaction. 

8. Check your account statement to ensure that unauthorized transaction has taken place. 

1. Shop with merchants that you know or trust. 

2. Check that the shopping website is secure. 

3. Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls or emails form merchants. 

4. Read merchants refund and exchange policies before making purchases. 

5. Do not share your passwords. 

6. Always print and keep the order confirmation document. 

7. Read the privacy statement. 

8. Use an anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall and update them regularly. 

9. Never enter your personal information in a pop-up screen.

1. Do not reveal too much information about your online Account.

2. Be careful while communicating with people you have met online recently.

3. Add people as friends to your site only if you know them in person.

4. Delete inaporite message from your profile. 

5. Do not post information about your friends as you put them at risk. 

6. What you post online is not private, It can be seen by everyone.

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Smt. Rashmi Shukla - Commissioner of Police,Pune
Smt. Rashmi Shukla - Commissioner of Police,Pune
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