Safety, Security and
Satisfaction (SSS) of Pune Citizens.

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ImageUnclaimed Vehicles from all Police Stations
ImageAwareness among youth (Citizens)
ImageLet us create good traffic culture
ImageVehicles (Bikes) at Vishrambaug Court Room, Near Water Tank, Faraskhkana Traffic Division
ImageUnclaimed vehicles (bikes) in Faraskhana Police Station.
ImageList of prisoners absconding from parole and furlough leave
ImagePune Police Initiative to sensitize public on social media.
ImageCommissioner of Police Pune City meets citizen without appointment between 4 and 5 p.m. on every working day.
ImageAn Appeal to the Citizens for complaints in respect of Railway Police Jurisdiction
ImagePreventive order for Landlord, Tenant, Custodian and Trustees
Image Preventive order by CrPC 144 regarding recruitment by owner of private sector companies etc.

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CP's Message

Shri. Satish Mathur-Commissioner of Police,Pune
Safety, Security, Satisfaction (Sss) of Pune Citizens
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